Poker Academy Pro

Poker Academy Pro 2.6

Poker Academy Pro is a program to help you improve your Hold´em game

Poker Academy Pro is a program to help you improve your Hold´em game.
The program includes a hand evaluator, that will summarize the value of your poker hand, including hand strength, draw potential and player bias.

The In-Game Advisor will give you suggestions about when to bet, check, or fold, and how often. You can activate or deactivate other optional pop-up alerts that will warn you of potentially bad decisions.

The program can maintain your Player Statistics in detail. You can later check your hands, missed calls and ill-timed bluffs, as the actions that were broken down by pre-flop, post-flop, turn, and river.

You can enhance your training by using built in drills such as play all cards face up, fixed hole and board cards, and hand replays.

The program allow you to play online against human opponents, simulating a play money environment. You can even chat with your opponents, and create custom public or private rooms for you and your friends.

This demo will require you to enter a valid email address. They will send you a key to have your 6 hours demo.

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